How to put on a headband wig?

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How to put on a headband wig?

The Encelia Hair headband wig is one of the easiest wigs to put on. This wig is great for days when you want a more casual look or for days when you just don't want be bothered wearing a full wig. Our patent-pending headband wig is an easy wig to put on but if you are new to wigs, it can be confusing, so, in this tutorial, I will break down how to put on our headband wig along with how to put on the two layered headbands which we include with every purchase.

Females with no hair especially in the front

  1. Simply, grab the sides and put the wig on - just make sure you place the tapered seam in the back at the center back of your head so our emblem/logo should be located on the back left side of the wig. In general, you want your headband wig to sit either where your lace front site and one finger before where your lace front would normally sit, which is typically three or four fingers from the arch (highest point) of your eyebrow.
  2. Because we don't have hair, it will look more natural if you pull the headband over your ears
  3. Other options:
    1. If you, doin't want the headband covering your ears, simply flip a small section against to your ears back
    2. Flip the base headband in half and apply a layered headband. We provide you with two additional headbands (one black and one light grey), which can be placed on top of the base headband. You can also use any headband or scarf that you like. You can change up the style by adjusting the width of the headband. A wider headband has a more bohemian look vs a thinner headband looks very clean and modern

Females with thinning hair but enough hair to pull forward

You're in luck because you can wear this any way you want, meaning you can pull your hair forward and wear this wig like you would wear a topper or you can pull the headband forward so it covers your hairline. Below are instructions on how to wear the headband further back like a topper:

  1. First, using a teasing comb grab about 1/2" to 1" of your hair and leave it out and style it how you want
  2. Then wrap the rest of your hair in either a low bun or do pin curls so that you're hair is flat and snug against your head.
  3. Simply place the headband just after the 1" section of hair. Flip the base headband in half and position the headband behind your ears. Basically, position it like a topper or bandfall.
  4. Blend the 1/2" or 1" section of the hair into the wig. You can either pull that section of hair forward and tuck it under (shown in this picture) or you can blend it back and incorportating it into the wig.
  5. Wear as is or apply a layered headband. Encelia gives you two additional layered headbands that can be applied on top of the base headband but you can use any headband you like.

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