How to measure your head for a wig?

Determining the right-sized wig cap can be difficult but we are here to help. A wig that fits well makes wearing a wig a breeze. A loose-fitting wig fills you with worry and doubt and a wig that is too small just hurts so much. Encelia is proud to offer five cap sizes to help assure that your wig will fit you right and you will be comfortable. That said, the subtle difference between the cap sizes is minor - a 1/4" here and a 1/2 there will get a wig feel too tight or too big so it is very important to be as precise. Taking the time to get this right will make wearing a wig a breeze, promise!

If you are in-between measurements, meaning your circumference measurement is small but your front-to-back measurement is medium it is best to size up meaning order a medium cap size.
To take your measurements you will need a flexible tape measure, eyeliner pencil, mirror, and your phone to write down your measurements.

Step 1: Circumference

  • First, determine where you want your hairline to start. If your hairline hasn't receded then this will be easy to do but if it has receded place 3 or 4 fingers from the arch of your eyebrow and mark this with your eyeliner pencil.
  • Second, find the end of your occipital bone. To this by tilting your head up to the ceiling, then with your fingers feel the back of your head to find the point where the curvature in the back of your head ends. This is where the back of your wig needs to end and sit. Encelia uses the highest quality metal stays which stay bent and anchored against the occipital bone all day. This is important because it prevents your wig from slipping up during the day.
  • Third, place the flexible measuring tape at the end of your occipital bone and then bring it around your ears and then to the top of your head where your lace front will begin. Right down that measurement.

Step 2: Ear-Crown-Ear

  • First, locate the crown of the head. The crown is the top center point on the head.
  • Second, locate the highest point of your ear
  • Place the flexible measuring tape at the highest point of your ear then bring it to the top crown of your head. Right down that measurement.

Step 3: Front-To-Back

  • Place the flexible measuring tape where the hairline will begin then go over the crown or top center point of the head and then place the measuring at the end of the occipital bone, where the curvature ends. Right down that measurement.

Need Help?

If your measurements are in-between sizes select the larger size. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, please book a complimentary zoom video call with one of our wig consults. Book appointment here

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