If I have hair, can I wear a wig?

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Yes, if you have hair, you can still wear a wig. At Encelia hair, we have gone to great lengths to make sure that our wigs are breathable and flexible. If you have bio hair, you will be comfortable because our wig will not pull or tug on your hair.

How To Prep Your Bio Hair, Before Applying Your Wig

  1. Using a small elastic hair tie, wrap your hair in a low pony
  2. Twist your hair once or twice, and then flip your hair up. Then using a no-slip curved barrett, place the barrett just below the crown of your head (halfway down from the top) and then clip your biological in place.
  3. If you want extra security and cushion to protect your hair from rubbing against the wig, try FirmGrip, which is our breathable wig grip which grips to your head and your wig without any painful pulling.

Need Help Determining The Right Wig Size For You?

We offer two cap sizes in headband wig and five cap sizes in the lace front wig. If a wig is too small it can cause tension headaches. If it’s too big, it can slip and you won't feel secure. It is hard to take measurements of the head because of a minor difference of 1/4" can literally make a wig feel secure or too big. Because of this, Encelia Hair is happy to offer a, Wig Kit Program.

How To Order A Wig Kit?

The Wig Kit program was designed to make shopping for a wig easier. After you book a 1:1 consultation with one of our wig experts, we will send you the fitting caps (the wig cap without hair) along with a color swatch so you can try on and see our different wig caps sizes and hair colors in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Just message us below to order a wig kit.

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