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At Encelia® Hair, we are prioritizing fit and then color options. We understand that the length of hair matters, but, at this time, we can only stock one length, which is our 14" /16" length (mid-length). If you have a specific length in mind, we can order this for you as a "custom" request from our factories. We can offer you three custom lengths (8", 10", 12", 16", 18"). To order a custom length, book a complimentary, custom length, consultation with one of our wig experts.

Custom Length Guide

At Encelia® Hair, all of our wigs are layered. When the hair is ventilated (attached to the wig cap), the sides and bottom of the wig are lower which creates a layered or tiered effect.

  • 8"/10" - Chin Length: Each strand is 8" so the overall layered look is 10"
  • 10"/12" - Shoulder Length: Each strand is 10" so the overall layered look is 12"
  • 12"/14" - Above The Chest: Each strand is 12" so the overall layered look is 14"
  • 14"/16" - Chest Level: STOCKED LENGTH: Each strand is 14" so the overall layered look is 16"
    18"/20" - Below the Chest/Mid Torso: Each strand is 18" so the overall layered look is 20"
Please note, Any custom request, like specific hair lengths, means the item is paid for in advance and can not be returned.

Why does the same length of hair look longer on some people and shorter on others? 

Because we all have different torso and neck lengths so some hair lengths will look longer or shorter on various people. Your Encelia® Hair wig, will appear shorter, if you have a longer torso and if you are quite tall. If you are more petite and if you a shorter torso, your wig will appear longer.

How to determine how long a length will be on me? 

To determine how long a "specific" wig length will be on you, you will need a flexible tape measure. Place the flexible tape measure at the crown (top/center of your head), and stop where you want the shortest and longest length to end. Write the measurement down because that is the length wig you want to order.

Watch this video to determine your ideal length, and what length is right for you. If you have order-specific questions, book a free custom hair-length consultation

What if my Encelia® Hair wig is too long on me? 

Encelia® Hair all of are wigs can be trimmed to any desired length and cut to any hair style that you want. Refer this help guide on how to cut your wig.

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