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What is the difference between our three hair types?Updated 9 days ago


At Encelia® Hair, we are dedicated to celebrating the beauty of all hair types; we do not believe that one hair type is better than the other. We understand that some women are going to love thicker hair and others are going to want fine hair so we are proud to offer women the option to choose. All of our hair can be styled using heat tools (curling irons or flat irons) so you can achieve any look or style that you want. We currently offer three hair options:

  1. Premium, Remy Human Hair
  2. Luxury Synthetic (European Human Hair Replica)
  3. Heat-Friendly Synthetic

The three main things to consider when choosing your hair type are 1) denier/diameter or thickness of each hair strand, 2) lifespan, and 3) price point. Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons for you to consider prior to making a decision.


Before you lost your hair, your stylist may have of said to you, "oh your hair is so thick" or "your hair is so thin". Your stylist was referring to the diameter or the denier of your hair, which just means the thickness of each strand of hair. In general, hair comes three deniers of hair 1) Fine 2) Medium 3) Thick.

Fine hair, also known as European human hair, is available in our luxury synthetic hair, which is an exact European human hair replica so the hair is very lightweight and has the fluidity that many people desire! Medium hair is available in our premium, Remy human hair, which is human hair that has the cuticle intact so it will continue to look and feel amazing throughout it's lifespan. Our Remy human hair strikes a perfect balance between hair that is not too thin nor is it too thick, allowing the hair to move naturally while also having the strength to not split or break over time. Thick hair, is available in our heat-friendly synthetic hair.


Below are the average lifespans for our three hair types, keep in mind, these averages are based on proper care and all day, everyday wear.

  • Premium Remy Human Hair: 1.5-2 years
  • Luxury synthetic: 1-1.5 years
  • Heat-Friendly synthetic: 6-8 months


At Encelia Hair, we believe every women deserves access to amazing wigs without compromising on essentials like comfort, security, and realism so we have worked every hard to offer you multiple price points.

  • Premium Remy Human Hair: Ranges from $2,169.99 to $3,199.99
  • Luxury Synthetic: Ranges from $1,259.99 up to $1,999.99
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic: $486.99


Below we have outlined, some of the main reasons why our customers have chosen specific hair types over others. For example, maybe you currently wear a European human hair wig and you are so tired of the color changing or fading. Maybe you are also tired of always having to style the hair. Well, you'll love the luxury synthetic hair. Alternatively, lets say you love to play with your hair and you love touching your hair then our Remy human hair is probably best. Finally, let's just say you don't want to fuss with the wig. You just want to put it on and go. You want it to look real but want something super, low maintenance, then you're going to love the heat-resistant hair! Different hair for different girls but when you wear a wig from Encelia you are getting the most top-notch comfortable, secure, and realistic wig possible! No shortcuts or compromises!

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